What to drink with Xmas dinner?

It’s probably far too late for this post as most of you might not have wine fridges (it is my job so it’s a must-have for me) filled with a variety of wine to choose their Xmas drink at the last minute so you might have been thinking about this a bit before me. Sorry about that.

We’re all wonderfully different

Depending on where you were brought up and what you believe Christmas has different meanings for everyone – I have no desire to delve into that minefield – but what I’m hoping is that the one thing we all agree on is that it is also(mainly) about the food.

The image of a family (in any sense of the word) sitting around a table and munching their way through a veritable feast is always how I think of Christmas. Being me and my family there is also copious amounts of liquid in various forms to go alongside said feast.

Around the world, the food varies massively, even in the UK there is a divide between those who eat goose and the much more prevalent turkey it's around 2.5% of goose (250000) compared to turkey (10 million).

I’m reliably informed by people who live all around the world that turkey is not so common for Xmas although it pops up in a few places.

What do they eat in different countries?

Japan seems to have a major craving for fried chicken at this time of year – with families having to order in advance to secure their KFC – made popular one year when KFC released a Xmas video offering a change to the usual fare.

Bulgaria focuses on a vegan Christmas Eve eating at least seven different dishes (it has to be an odd number – she couldn’t tell me why) as part of the Lenten tradition of fasting. Then on Christmas day the meat and dairy return. Safe to say at our house I cook Christmas dinner and my wife cooks Christmas Eve dinner.