San Miguel - it's all about the food!

Updated: Jan 8

Completely out of the blue I was approached to see if I would be interested in joining like-minded beer enthusiasts on a trip to Burgos, Bilbao and San Sebastian to see the San Miguel brewery and introduce us to the brand.

What qualified me to be chosen for this trip?

I'm unsure, as an influencer my Social Media presence is fairly uninspiring, racking up a grand total of just over 450 Instagram followers and far less on any other platform.

However, I do educate people about beer for a living, alongside wines and spirits, and anything else related to alcohol.

I also consult to the hospitality industry and help with ranging proposals, writing beer, wine and spirit menus and negotiate deals to make sure the venue has the best range for their clientele.

Because of this I have to be fairly unbiased about both what I teach about and what brands will best represent the bars and pubs I work with, rather than focussing on my personal preference.

So maybe I did have what they were looking for after all.

Back to the trip.

Upon arrival in Bilbao, I won't bore you with the details of the flight or the other travel arrangements but safe to say we were very well looked after at every stage, we were presented with a gift basket showcasing some of the beers produced by San Miguel.

Now for most people this will come as somewhat of a surprise, it did for me even after some pre-trip research.

Yes, there are many more beers made by San Miguel than the ones we see in the UK.

Especial is the main stay that we see everywhere in the UK but upon occasion I've come across the Fresca, a sunshine lager that stands up against others from the same category such as Corona and Sol.