Glossary of Wine Terms

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

I will add to this as I write posts - if I come across a phrase that is commonly used in wine that doesn't need a whole post I will drop it in here.

I'll try to keep it in alphabetical order so it's easy to search for the info. Also if I don't it's not really a glossary.

I'll also cross-link to other posts that I've written to make it easier to use.

This will not include grape varieties or regions as I will cover those in posts.


Flabby refers to a wine that doesn't have enough acidity but still has a high PH so it feels heavy and dull with little varietal character.

What makes a wine flabby?

Wines made in warmer climates where the grapes become over-ripe can lose their acidity and will create a flabby wine.

A winemaker can manage this by adding tartaric acid to balance the acidity and PH.


Garrigue refers to the low-growing vegetation on the limestone hills of the Mediterranean coast. Fragrant plants that grow wild there, such as juniper, thyme, rosemary, and lavender, are known collectively as garrigue. Giving flavours such as fresh minty-herbal notes with more pungent, floral fragrances.


Soupy refers to a wine, normally red – that is very ripe and full-bodied on the palate which lacks tannic structure and freshness. Simply speaking the alcohol and ripeness is out of balance with the structure and the acidity of the wine.

What makes a wine soupy?