How to chose a wine if not by it's cover?

Choosing wine can be a veritable minefield for many people. With hundreds of bottles on a shelf or a wine list and in some cases very little information on the label or on the shop shelves.

Add to that the British distaste for asking for help, there's no wonder we struggle.

If you haven't spent your days memorising wine regions to pass an exam or to impress your friends then it can be difficult to decipher what you will be getting from the label alone.

There are, however, some simple things to do and look for that will help to simplify it.

Actually, ask for help!

I know it goes against every instinct that we have, but trying to look as knowledgeable about everything that we can is normally not the best approach.

All of us have at some point started waxing lyrical about a specific subject to eventually realise we either have started making things up or have been talking very authoritatively to someone who knows far more about the subject than we ever could.

Sadly this applies to the role of a Sommelier more than other professions. Top Sommeliers have studied for years and spend many a painful day tasting wines, dealing with suppliers, and writing tasting notes and food pairings so they are better informed to advise you about the wines they have on offer.

Some wine lists have thousands of different wines and Sommeliers have carefully curated the offer for your enjoyment.